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Oak Point Energy Associates LLC—serving clients since 2003—is a consulting firm specializing in the electricity, renewable energy, and natural gas markets in the Northeast United States and Eastern Canada. Our clients include:

  • Major renewable generation owners of wind, hydro, biomass, landfill gas, and solar facilities

  • Top retail electricity providers

  • Top ten wholesale electricity trading companies

  • Municipal electric and natural gas utilities

  • Financial institutions

Why do companies hire Oak Point Energy?

  • Extensive experience in renewable generation markets, support of the development and operation of over 2,500 MWs of renewable generation

  • Natural Gas experience focusing on the challenging New England market

  • Principals with decades of experience in electricity and natural gas markets

  • A network of over 4,200 industry players

  • Strong commercial orientation

  • Prompt, on-time response

  • In-depth understanding of market rules and regulations

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